Why Do I Need a Website to Sell Vintage Clothing?

This is a question we have grappled with for years. Quite some time ago, we launched a website with amazing pieces at amazing prices. We made about 5 sales total. It was disappointing to say the least, thus we made the difficult decision to scrap it shortly afterwards.

So why are we doing this again? Since then, we have grown tremendously, both in following and in knowledge. We’ve traveled the country attending events, sourcing pieces, meeting people. We have found our home in the vintage community. In efforts of continuous evolution, the next logical step was to build a site where anyone can not only find us, but access our pieces at any time. 

We feel that having a website further pushes the Vintage space to a more mainstream and accessible audience, not only in terms of fashion but for artistic and historical purposes. Sure you can sell online on platforms like eBay, Depop, Mercari, Grailed, Bidstitch (and hey, we’re still doing that too!), but ultimately it was the draw of having our own professional space to showcase what we have to offer, and the capabilities to bring in new members to the Vintage Community. 

The ultimate goal is to make Vintage accessible on a wide scale, not just to collectors, but to casual thrift store-goers, people looking for a unique gift for a friend or family member, or just someone looking to find that shirt they wish they hadn't thrown away. Indirectly, this will further the vintage community's message of prolonged sustainability in the fashion industry, and continue to work towards combating the textile waste problem.

Looking back, we may have been a little eager to get our website up and running the first time, but now we are here to stay. Knowing that we have a place for our collection to permanently, as well as the possibility of anyone discovering it is more than worthwhile. We hope that more vintage curators eventually move in this direction.

Thanks for reading our first blog post! We would like to dedicate this blurb to those lucky people who were following us from the beginning and got steals off our original page. Thank you for all your support so far, and stay tuned for more posts like this!

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